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  • Eyes Wide Open Insomnia Series | 53:00
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    Insomnia has long been one of the most common reasons people cite for using cannabis… but is cannabis really a viable treatment?

Eyes Wide Open: Insomnia & Cannabis Series

Unlock the secrets to a blissful night's sleep!

Let's Start Your Clinical Cannabis Journey

Follow Seth and Jeremy as they dive deep into various medical conditions and explore whether or not cannabis is a viable therapeutic option. Delve into the science of cannabis through the fascinating research of physicians and scientists.

You'll hear compelling patient stories – their successes as well as their challenges. With expert guidance from leaders in the field, you’ll emerge from each medical condition series with a better grasp on how cannabis may (or may not) fit into your treatment path.

We have launched our HealthLab radio show with the "Eyes Wide Open" Insomnia Series.

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Seth Lorinczi
Producer & Host
Jeremy Kossen
Producer, Host, Science Writer, & Researcher
Zana Medical's NerdCast
Interviews with the
Brightest Minds in Cannabis Medicine
Dr. Dustin Sulak
Medical Director, Integr8 Health
Dr. Nick Jikomes PhD
Neuroscientist & Senior Science Advisor, Leafly
Dr. Amanda Reiman
Marijuana Law and Policy | Drug Policy Alliance
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Dr. Jordan Tishler
Harvard-trained Holistic Care Expert
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Eloise Thiesen PhD
Certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
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Dr. Kimberly Babson
Research Health Science Specialist at National Center for PTSD, VA
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